With the handmade shoes of Lewré Couture, shine exquisitely as a fashionista during festive seasons as well as various celebratory moments of life… as your only made to measure shoe craftsman in Malaysia, Lewré Couture and our team of high cultured shoe couturiers will passionately dress your feet in festivity with high quality and elegantly comfortable couture shoes that are uniquely crafted for you.

An excellently meticulous process

Couture is a process of fine made to measure fashion and it allows you to customise your pair of shoes to your heart’s content. Whether it is for this festive season, your wedding day, a glamorous dinner, an important corporate meeting, a charity gala, a special party or other memorable occasions, a pair of couture shoes will ensure sophistication in your dressing. In the meticulous process of couture, no expertise is spared to craft shoes of excellent comfort, breathability and durability that have been perfectly contoured for you. Create a truly unique and one-of-a-kind fashion statement of your own with Lewré Couture during important moments whether at work or play.

Customised specially for you

Choose your favourite colour, material, height of your heels or other details you love including precious stones, pearls, beads, buckles, custom made fabric floras or ribbons as decoration to match your outfit. Lewré Couture especially recommends our eye catching Swarovski Elements that come in a variety of shapes and sizes for the luxurious style of your couture shoes. With stylish refinement at your feet, your day will always be celebrated at the pinnacle of fineness and elegance as a Lewré Couture fashionista!

In celebration, Lewré Couture proudly presents to you the opportunity to own a pair of personalised made to measure shoes. Don’t miss out on two exceptionally crafted celebration exclusives for your distinguished privilege to own excellently handmade shoes and matching clutch bags.

An appointment with couture

To be a couture fashionista today, please call +603 2283 1373

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